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So, imagine you and your brother are hiking through the mountains.  It's a beautiful day, and you're laughing at some dumb inside joke.  

Then, all of a sudden, you nearly walk right into a random roller coaster track set up right there in the middle of the trees, with a bunch Chinese people enthusiastically telling your brother to get on.  It looks short and entertaining enough, so he hops in a seat, fastens the safety restraints, and gets ready for a short random adventure, while you stand aside laughing and taking pictures.

Only, as the roller coaster starts moving, it soon becomes apparent that the track is a lot longer than it first looked.  A lot longer, and it's filled with twists and loops that none of us saw coming.  And if my brother stays on until then end, he could win 10,000 dollars.

I repeat -- 10,000 friggin' dollars!!

This hilarity has become serious real quick!

Welcome to the Chinese ETTV "Top Idol" Competition -- like American Idol, but for those who speak Chinese. 

They let him sing an English song this round!  (And a Taiwanese song... so he had to learn Taiwanese.  I could not do this.)

Somehow, after my Mandarin-fluent brother James (Jimmy to the public) randomly stumbled upon the first audition when we were walking through a mall a couple months ago, he now finds himself flying back to Los Angeles for the fifth weekend in a row to compete in the final round.  (You can read the story of how it started, here.)

VOTING accounts for 50% of his score!  You can vote all four ways, if feel so inclined.  So, friends and neighbors, ladies and gentlemen, random people of the blog-o-sphere -- let's help the super-kind-hearted-random-white-guy show these judges that he deserves to win!

I recommend voting via the app because it allows for unlimited voting, and it's FUN!  Walk around shaking your phone everywhere!

Vote by Website

1. Go to
2. Register your email address (or login if you've already registered)
3. Confirm your email registration by clicking the link emailed to you (unless you've logged in)
4. Vote for Jimmy Hales!
5. Then also vote on Facebook, Instagram, and the app!

You can vote 5 times per day, per valid email address, so do it every day this week if you can (you only have to register your email once)!

Vote on Facebook

1. "Like" the "ETTV Top Idol" Facebook page (otherwise your votes won't count!)
2. "Like" Jimmy Hales's contestant video (each like counts as 5 votes)
3. Share Jimmy Hales's contestant video (each share counts as 10 votes)
4. Then also vote on the website, Instagram, and the app!

Like/share votes are only valid through ETTV's Top Idol Facebook page, so make sure you like/share it from there!

Vote on Instagram (starts noon on Monday)

1. Follow "ETTVAmerica" Instagram page (if you don't "follow" it, your votes won't count)
2. Find and "like" Jimmy Hales's contestant photos/videos (each like counts as 5 votes)
3. Then also vote on the website, Facebook, and the app! 

You can always unfollow their Instagram after the competition is done.


This method allows for UNLIMITED voting, so if you get a chance, install and shake away!  It's a piece o' cake -- just follow the pictures:

1. Search your Apple or Android app market for "ETTV America," and install the free app:

2. Tap the "X" in the upper right corner to exit out of the ad:

3. Select the drop-down menu in the upper left corner:

4. Choose the long Chinese phrase with the exclamation mark (toward the bottom -- no idea what it says):

5.  Select Jimmy Hales's contestant photo (he's the first one!):

6. Click "Vote" in the upper right hand corner

7. Shake your phone until it counts a vote (yes, literally shake your phone around), and keep doing it until your biceps are as big as basketballs -- vote as many times as you want!


Tip:  Take your phone on a walk or run with you, 'cuz every natural arm swing counts as a shake, or vote while watching Netflix or sitting in a boring business meeting!  The exciting opportunities to build arm muscle are endless!

Singing in Mandarin:

Singing in English:

Voting closes on 8/21 (Friday) at noon!  Thank you so much -- Ya'll are AWESOME!!


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